Professional Audio

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) are computer-based systems that facilitate digital audio recording. They bring the power of random access (non-linear), non-destructive editing and excellent signal-to-noise ratios to users from the home/project studio all the way to the world's most elite professional studios. The ability to "undo" edits and move pieces of audio, perform digital effects processing, save multiple versions and substantially increased editing speed fueled this revolution of change in the audio recording world.

The replacement/augmentation of analog recording tape with a digital storage medium has built an insatiable demand for higher capacities and increased performance from disk drives. Backup copies of sessions and masters are also vital for long term archiving and disaster recovery.

In the early days, the dominant interface to connect storage devices to a DAW was SCSI (Small Computer System Interface). These days, FireWire has firmly established itself as the leader in audio storage applications based on the low cost of drive mechanisms, and technology advancements. FireWire's advantages are that it uses less expensive SATA drive mechanisms, it is hot-pluggable, there are very few cable length concerns, and there is no need for a host adapter card for most computers available today. Glyph builds FireWire systems for all audio needs, from high end studios using a GPT50 to portable live rigs recording to a PortaGig 62.

Audio and Video storage solutions. Choices. Service. Knowledge.

There are many options when choosing recording and storage systems. Rack or tabletop? Single drive or multiple drives? RAID or JBOD? Which backup system to use? Getting the configuration correct can be crucial for performance and data security. Warranty, product service, technical support and application knowledge are just as important as the storage system itself. In production environments, product repair time is absolutely critical. We can walk you through these questions and provide storage solutions and service specifically for your application.

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