When you say "I've got a Steinway," everybody knows what you mean. When you say "I've got a Glyph," everybody knows what you mean too.

Glyph is used by the world's top artists, production companies, studios, videographers, and photographers. But don't just take our word for it...

Herbie Hancock

Pianist, composer, producer, innovator, technologist, Glyph user/enthusiast, legend.

"My interests in technology and music results in my trying a lot of different equipment. Ultimately we use Glyph storage because it just works. Glyph's FireWire systems enable us to transition smoothly between the road and the studio."

Bill Bowman, Bowman Design, Inc.

Marketing for Schwartz Communications, New York & Company, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, Bose Corporation, Zildjian Cymbals

We recently received a glowing e-mail from Bill: "Thanks Glyph, As I have grown into the world of commerce and art, I usually end up spending 1/3 of my day dealing with tech support from various companies also trying to grow and expand their products into workable solutions that actually connect and function. I have to say in all of my tech days, I have never had a better experience dealing with a technical support division than I had with Glyph Technologies. You are top notch! THANK YOU!"

Shane Ross

Television and Feature Film Editor, Los Angeles, California

"I use my PortaGig 50 all the time, it's become my go-to drive for most of my laptop editing and carting of footage back and forth. People like the look of it too!"

Nate Kalushner

DIT (digital imaging technician) for the TV Series Southland

We caught up with Nate Kalushner, DIT (digital imaging technician) for the TV Series Southland, to understand how the Triplicator fits into his workflow. As he explained, there are times during a feature production when time and budget are very tight, and a certain scene still needs to be captured. "A splinter unit is put together, often times with minimal gear," says Nate. "The first and second units have computer towers for copying data, but the Triplicator is valuable because I can send a digital loader with a laptop, Triplicator, and a bunch of eSATA drives and be confident that data is being backed up. It's nice having the peace of mind knowing that our data is securely copied to three places." One data copy goes to post, another stays with the unit, and the third goes to Nate on set. Nate mentions other reasons the Triplicator is useful. "If you're just starting out and want to own your gear instead of renting, with just a laptop and the Triplicator you have something that will totally do what you need. If eventually you upgrade to a tower, the Triplicator can always be kept in your toolkit as a backup, or used if you need to move data with a second computer. At one point while shooting Southland we had a location move, so I had to power down the Mac Pro and restart. When I powered on it was dead, not even a click when the button was pushed. I didn't have the Triplicator yet, but it would have saved the day. It's such a small investment and you have a fully functional download station."

David Haynes

Drummer, engineer, producer, and satisfied Glyph user.

"I just love my Glyph GT 051, it's been totally reliable. It's rack-mountable and sturdy and you can swap cartridges when one is full. I'm also thrilled with my new PortaGig 320GB drive. I load all of my drum samples off of the PortaGig live through Toontrack's Superior Drummer 2.0 and the drive has been flawless. Great job guys!"

Check out David playing the Native Instruments Maschine with samples coming from the Glyph PortaGig.

Jerry Barnes

Jerry has produced, performed and written for artists such as Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, Carly Simon, Ashanti, Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, Raul Midon, Queen Latifah, Diana Ross, Chic, Vanessa Williams, Donald Fagen, Katreese Barnes, Sherrod Barnes, Phylis Hyman, Tony Terry, Maya, Bebe Winans, Bette Midler, Arif Mardin, Nas, AZ, and many more.

"Its great to work with a company that supports their products as well as Glyph does."

Reed Newton, Brooklyn, NY

"I know that most customer service departments spend a lot of time dealing with complaints, I was just thinking how happy I am with my new drive and thought I'd drop you a line to say thank you. I had a real hard time with a LaCie drive I just bought. Despite owning and loving 2 Glyph drives already I thought I'd save a bit of money and get a bit more storage space by going with the LaCie 2TB Rugged XL. Unfortunately right out of the box the start-up assistant quit on me, the drive would never mount, and customer service wasn't helpful. I returned it and went with a product I know and love, bought your GT050Q. Real value is in reliability, very much worth the extra $70. She's working like a dream next to me right now, backing my whole life up. Glyph is the only drive I'll buy from now on. Soon I'll buy another to back-up my back-up, and sleep easy knowing my drives won't die on me. And my company will be using your drives to back-up all of our artists' assets/material."

John Emrich

Drummer / Percussionist / Producer / Sound designer for BFD FXpansion

"I own many Glyph drives - several GT062 drives, and PortaGigs and GT050Q drives. When I recorded the FXpansion Big Orchestral Marching Band, the entire library was recorded at Omega Studios (Rockville, MD) to their Glyph drives, then immediately copied my Glyph GT062. At my home studio in Pasedena, MD, the data is then copied to a Glyph GT050Q, which gets packaging in its protective case and sent offsite as a safety copy. Then the studio's drives can be quick formatted and my GT062 becomes the working drive, and I continue to back up all data as the project moves along. It's an extra step, but worth it to have all my data in multiple places. Once the project is done, it gets delivered via DVDs to FXpansion in London.

I record from 9PM to 6AM in a one-week lockout because it's high definition sampling, I need to make sure there's nothing else coming through those mics. I need total concentration for that level of detailed work. As I look at it now, it's insane. I edit every single articulation, it all takes 3-6 months of editing in my home studio. Everyday I make a backup to another Glyph drive. I moved to Glyph drives because of the speed increases, and because I have never experienced any problems with their drives. I don't see myself ever going to another drive vendor. Anyone who sees me drumming at tradeshows or clinics will see my Glyphs there too."

Dick Maitland, C.A.S.

10x Emmy award-winning Sesame Street sound designer, owns eight Glyph GT 050Q drives.

"When my LaCie drives failed and LaCie wouldn't help me, I switched all my drives to Glyph. At the speed and level of the work that I do, I need to know that my storage is rock solid. Glyph gives you that peace of mind, and eSATA too!"

Nick Perri

Solo Artist, Producer, & Former Lead Guitarist for Shinedown, Perry Farrell, & Silvertide

"Having spent the last decade on stages and in recording studios around the world, I've got a pretty good sense as to what products really work, and which ones are just hype. When the time came to build my very own studio, there was only ONE company I turned to for my storage needs... Glyph Technologies. When it comes to recording, little else is as important to the process as your hard drive selection. They literally hold and safeguard ALL that I do. Thanks to Glyph, I sleep easier now!"

Todd Lampe, Aaron Niemann of ILIO

Production Manager and Head of Tech Support for ILIO, a premium digital instruments distributor.

"We had a hard drive (another brand that is very popular and cheap) that contained several hundred GB of data that we needed access to on a consistent basis. When it decided to crash on us, we were not able to recover the data on our own. Glyph was more than willing to help us retrieve that data in a timely and efficient manner. They were incredibly helpful, professional and restored all of the files completely. We are using several Glyph drives now and will never use another brand."

Lloyd Bryant, Dayton, Ohio

"I love your hard drives. I own probably 15 Glyphs going back to the early days when drives were much smaller than today. They have all performed wonderfully."

Justin Zellers

Producer/Engineer, Sweetwater Productions www.sweetwater.com/studio.

Here's an email we recently received from Justin at Sweetwater, "I had a 500 Gig Glyph GT series drive crash last week and I wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate how you've taken care of the issue. I emailed the generic "tech@glyphtech.com" and received a call back within 10 minutes. I sent the drive in earlier this week and received a call today letting me know they successfully retrieved my data and corrected the problem with my drive. Not only that, but I was asked if I needed the drive rushed back, or if standard ground would be okay. That's way above and beyond my expectations and I'm extremely happy with your swift service. THANKS AGAIN GLYPH!!!"

Doug Nightwine

Production Manager, Mix Engineer, Recording Engineer, and Glyph user.

"For Kelly Clarkson's 2005 US tour we used Digidesign's Venue console with Pro Tools HD. We needed to record 64 tracks for an hour and a half at almost every show. After looking at all of the available solutions, we decided that the Glyph GT 103 was the clear winner for our storage requirements. We opted for two 103's, the first for the main record target, the second for the backup duties the next day. We spread 64 tracks across the 3 drive bays, and recorded 60 shows with zero incident of failure or errors! The GT 103's flawless performance over those three months speaks volumes for the bulletproof reliability Glyph builds into their products. If you can't afford downtime, when it comes to storage, there is clearly only one choice - Glyph."

Branford Marsalis

Grammy award-winning saxophonist, composer, producer, music label owner, and long-time Glyph user.

"I've been relying on Glyph racks for years and they continue to perform beyond my expectations. The new GT 205 is the perfect configuration for my studio: A solution for recording, backup and archiving all in the same rack."

Russ Long

Nashville-based producer, engineer, studio owner, and contributor to Pro Audio Review.

"Choosing the right hard drive is a critical step in today's recording process. After recording to hard discs for over a decade, Glyph is the company that I trust with my critical audio above all others. I've been using the Glyph 100GB PortaGig drive since its release in early 2006 and its performance never ceases to amaze me. Several months ago I used it while mixing a 60+ track Pro Tools project recorded at 96kHz (while running on bus power) and it never even hiccupped."

Luke Thoene, The1audio Productions

Audio engineer, musician, studio owner, proud GT 205 owner

Luke recently wrote us an email: "I don't know if you're accustomed to receiving fan-mail, but I just had to say: Thank you for inventing the GT 205. At last my facility's storage needs are addressed in a practical, affordable, infinitely- expandable way. You're the best!"

GrandMixer DXT

Musician, turntablist, engineer, producer, audio restoration specialist, innovator

GrandMixer DXT recently restored a long lost Thelonious Monk Quartet With John Coltrane show recorded in 1957 at Carnegie Hall. The tape was transferred at DXT's Transfer Master studio, using Pro Tools HD hardware and software, onto a Glyph GT 103 with three 80GB GT Key hard drives. The tape was only allowed to be rewound twice, with one pass being recorded at 192k and the second at 88.2k. The data was recorded to one GT Key drive and then immediately copied to the other two drives for backup. The backup drives were separated for an off-site backup of the precious material. Here's the full interview

Douglas Genuard, D & E Entertainment

Musician, engineer, business owner, Glyph convert

When his LaCie drives failed and LaCie wouldn't help him retrieve the data, Doug called Glyph and we were able to help him. "When both my LaCie drives went kaput within a month period, Glyph was there to the rescue saving about ten thousand dollars worth of my sample library and more! From this moment on I'll use nothing but Glyph drives. Thanks!"

John Lennon Educational Tourbus

Jeff Sobel, Chief Engineer

"When we rebuilt the Lennon Bus' studios and moved to a DAW based system in 2003 (previously the Bus recorded to DA-88s and then spent a brief time with a Tascam MX-2424) we knew that the reliability of the hard drives we would use would be the most important factor in the success of the new recording paradigm. Glyph was our first choice for hard drive storage because of their unparalleled reputation for both performance and reliability. We were extremely pleased Glyph chose to be a sponsor of the Lennon Bus. Since that time we have used Glyph GT 308 Firewire Storage Systems in both studios with about a dozen GT Key hard drives to share between them. This allows us to record all of our student workshop and professional artist productions on hard drives specifically designed for high end audio and video production and gives us the added advantage of being able to swap GT Key drives between studios for easy portability when a project moves from one studio to the other, or even outside of the Bus thanks to the GT 051 desktop drive units (which also utilize the GT Key system). We also have dozens of tabletop GT 050 and GT 050Q drives that we use for student laptop work and project backup. After three years on the road producing hundreds of student and professional artists' music and video projects one thing is obvious: Glyph drives are built to be both quiet enough to earn their place inside professional recording studios as well as solid enough to withstand 60,000 miles of bumpy highway travel a year without a single hard drive crash. That's performance anyone would be impressed with."

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