Two port PCIe eSATA adapter

Get more speed when you need it

The EC2 is an eSATA card capable of delivering higher bandwidth than FireWire can, up to 125MB/s on each of it's eSATA connections. It's a 3Gbps/port SATA II card which uses a PCIe slot in your computer. Using eSATA, copy speeds will increase significantly when moving large amounts of data from one drive to another. Typically, a GT 050Q can transfer around 70MB/s when connected via FireWire 800. If connected to our EC2 card, speeds of over 110MB/s are easily attainable using the same drive. Higher bandwidth is quite handy when you need to backup or move the entire contents of a large hard drive. Best of all, it's quite affordable and ships with a 1-meter eSATA cable.

Looking for a faster card? Here's some advice from our knowledgebase.

With your audio applications

Audio applications also work well using our EC2 card. We've seen slightly better track-count performance using a GT 050Q connected via eSATA compared to FireWire 800. It's only slightly better because the drive itself is the limiting factor, not the speed of the bus. A single disk spindle can only play so many audio tracks with edits, so using a faster connection to the drive doesn't deliver a significant increase in audio tracks. However, some FireWire-based audio interfaces and external processors don't play well with FireWire drives on the same bus, so connecting your drive via eSATA makes lots of sense. Especially when you need the fastest speed possible for storage and the best reliability for your audio interface.

With your video applications

The EC2 card is now included in the purchase of a ForteRAID to provide general eSATA connectivity. In a video capture and editing environment, the highest possible bandwidth is needed. The EC2 delivers over 125MB/s of sustained transfer. Up to 230MB/s is possible with the ForteRAID using higher performance eSATA cards. More information about faster eSATA cards in our knowledgebase.

Advanced Features

The EC2 supports all Serial ATA II features, including 3.0 Gbps SATA II transfer speeds, Native Command Queuing, port multipliers with FIS-based switching, programmable output signal swing strengths for longer external cables or extended backplanes, hot plugging, enclosure management and ATAPI device support.

Driver Download

You’ll need to install the driver for the Silicon Image 3132 chip, which is the chip on the EC2 card. You can download the correct driver here.

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