IMPORTANT: The GT 103 has reached End of Life.

GT 103 racks can be found in the world's top studios where they are used for recording, file transfer, backup and archiving. They support high track counts in all major digital audio workstation software, and allow you to capture virtually unlimited amounts of video with removable GT Key drives. Specifically designed for production scenarios that require multiple drives, the GT 103 can be configured with three FireWire GT Key™ FireWire hot-swap drives in capacities up to 2TB each.

Backward and Forward Compatibility

Older FireWire 400 GT Keys are forward-compatible with the GT 103 800. As well, FireWire 800 GT Keys are backward-compatible with all GT Series FireWire 400 enclosures. Compatibility is maintained because both versions use the same hot-swap technology, Glyph's Integrity™ FireWire Interface. Upgrading your studio to FireWire 800 can be seamless while you maintain your investment in FireWire 400 GT Keys.

Front Panel Connectivity

The GT 103 includes a front-panel FireWire 400 port which allows you to connect other legacy FireWire devices to your computer without having to climb around the back of your rack-mounted gear.

A cool drive is a healthy drive

Cool drives are healthy drives.

The GT 103 uses two quiet internal fans for maximum airflow and proper cooling. The case is designed with front-panel ventilation holes to draw cool air in, while exhausting warm air out the back - critical to the performance and reliability of the components.

Nobody likes wallwarts

Nobody likes wall-warts.

They are easily misplaced, or accidentally unplugged from the drive, and take up valuable outlet space. The GT 103 uses an industry-standard power cord and dual pro-quality internal power supplies for the most efficient and reliable power source possible. The power supplies are fully auto-switching for international use.

Professional carrying case

Professional carrying case.

The GT Key includes a hard-molded plastic carrying case to protect your valuable work. The case is foam-lined and impact-resistant, so transporting your Keys between sites can be stress-free knowing that your drives are protected.

3-2-1 Warranty

Best Warranty in the Industry.

We are confident that our drive systems perform at the most reliable level. We back them up with a 3-Year warranty, 2-Year Free Basic Data Recovery Policy, and 1-Year Advance Replacement on GT Key drives (U.S. Continental 48 States only).

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