IMPORTANT: The GT KEY has reached End of Life.

The GT Key is our unique hot-swappable drive with a high-performance SATA disk inside. It's become an industry standard for moving content in audio and video production environments. Using Glyph's proprietary integrity™ FireWire 800 interface, the GT Key is interchangeable among the GT 051, GT 103, GT 205, and GT 308 FireWire enclosures.

The GT Key uses 7,200 and 5,900 RPM drives with Oxford's 924 chip, and performs at bus speeds roughly double that of FireWire 400. SATA drives incorporate Native Command Queuing (NCQ), an algorithm that reschedules and reorders commands, improving drive efficiency. In an audio environment, NCQ can improve the number of audio tracks that can be played, often by as much as 15% over PATA drives using FireWire 400.

Design Details

The GT Key is constructed with stainless steel fully surrounding the drive. It features a Key Lock on the front handle, and is vented for front to back air flow.

Backward and Forward Compatibility

FireWire 800 GT Keys are backward-compatible with all GT Series FireWire 400 enclosures because both versions use the same hot-swap technology, Glyph's integrity™ FireWire interface. Additionally, older FireWire 400 GT Keys are forward-compatible with FireWire 800 versions of the GT 051 tabletop hot-swap enclosure, and the GT 103 three-bay single-space rack. Upgrading your studio to FireWire 800 can be seamless while you maintain your investment in FireWire 400 GT Keys.

Professional carrying case

Professional carrying case.

The GT Key includes a hard-molded plastic carrying case to protect your valuable work. The case is foam-lined and impact-resistant, so transporting your Keys between sites can be stress-free knowing that your drives are protected.

3-2-1 Warranty

Best Warranty in the Industry.

We are confident that our drive systems perform at the most reliable level. We back them up with a 3-Year warranty, 2-Year Free Basic Data Recovery Policy, and 1-Year Advance Replacement (U.S. Continental 48 States only).

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